5 situations when you need an employment law attorney in Chicopee

by James William
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You expect to work in a safe and secure environment where you can perform to your best capacity and be productive. Unfortunately, the world is not ideal, and there are thousands of cases where workers and employees feel they have been subject to unfair behavior. If you are wondering whether you should meet employee rights lawyers in Chicopee, here are five circumstances to consider.

You have suffered discrimination at work

Workplace discrimination, unfortunately, is very common in the US. For most employees, holding their employer responsible becomes the biggest hurdle, and many are unaware of their rights. Whether it is related to racial discrimination or your pregnancy, you should evaluate and understand your legal options. Discrimination is also often related to sexual orientation, age, and disability.

You haven’t been paid fairly

Wage and hour cases are complex for many reasons. It could be a case where you haven’t been paid the minimum wage or your overtime dues were denied. In some cases, employees also deal with wrongful deductions. No matter the situation, when you know there is injustice, don’t give up. Meet an attorney who knows and practices employment law in the city and works extensively for workers.

You are a victim of sexual harassment

Sadly, sexual harassment remains a matter of concern for men and women alike. Whether it is your supervisor who has asked for a favor in return for your promotion or a colleague who has been passing lewd comments, don’t take sexual harassment for granted. With an attorney, you can figure out the best way to go ahead, how to gather evidence, and the next steps to get justice.

Your employer retaliated against you

Did you file a sexual harassment complaint but were fired instead? Did you get demoted because you were trying to exercise your rights at work? Were you denied a promotion because you complained about your supervisor? These are all examples of workplace retaliation, and you can hold your employer responsible, depending on the circumstances. Before you take the leap, meet an attorney.

You were wrongful terminated

When you are terminated from your job for unfair reasons, such as your age or because you got pregnant, do not accept the decision as final. Your employment attorney can help you understand wrongful termination in detail and determine whether you have a case.

Always take time to evaluate your case and trust a lawyer to help you!