5 Benefits of a Bedroom Makeover

by James William
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It’s always exciting to make changes in your house, but when it comes to the bedroom it can be one of the last places we renovate. While upgrading your bathroom or kitchen may seem more pertinent, your bedroom is where you will spend the most time in your house. 

Even combining hours spent watching TV in the living room, grooming in the bathroom and cooking in the kitchen; sleeping in bed every night is where you clock up the most hours. This article looks into the benefits of making over your bedroom, so you can plan your next renovation. 

Better Sleep 

As mentioned, you’ll likely spend most of your time in your house asleep in bed. Over our lives, we will spend around a third of our time in bed – more time than spent anywhere else. 

When you makeover your bedroom you can address some of the issues that have prevented you from getting the solid 8 hours that can be life-changing. 

A good quality mattress, decent blinds and a better heating system can all go a long way to help you get better sleep. 

A Place of Sanctuary

We all need a space where we can feel free of the burdens of daily life. If your bedroom is simply a place you collapse at the end of the day without much thought, you probably could do with updating it to make it better. 

If you can create a room that you like to spend time relaxing in, then you’ll find that it becomes a more functional bed space. It will become much easier to get into a nightly routine where you wind down in your bedroom and get in the mindset for a healthy night of sleep. 

Mental Clarity

When you’re in a space that is clean and clutter-free, you will find your mind begins to feel the same. Good interior design and maintenance of housework will leave you feeling more at peace within yourself and allow you to relieve a day’s stresses. 

Make Space Work for You 

We all have different wants and needs in our homes. When it comes to your bedroom, you should be able to maximise the space to make it right for you. 

While we would discourage you from bringing hobbies into the bedroom that are too exciting (TV, video games, high-intensity exercises), you should tailor your bedroom to include room for calming and mindful exercises. 

You could set up some space for yoga/meditation, find a good spot for your music collection or create a reading nook. All of these types of activities will help you unwind and keep your bedroom as a sanctuary of peace. 

Connect With Your Space 

Sometimes it can feel difficult to really feel ‘at home’ in our space. When you start to decorate and renovate rooms to your personal style and taste it can bring you a deeper sense of connection with your home. 

When you feel more secure and connected to your space, you’re more likely to feel safe and sleep even better. Another great reason to give your bedroom a makeover. 

To Conclude  

If you’re looking to update your bedroom, don’t feel that anything should hold you back. Even minor changes in the bedroom can have a big impact on your sleep and therefore your health. 

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