5 solid reasons to hire an auto accident attorney in Virginia

by James William
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An unfortunate car accident in Virginia can leave you with substantial medical bills and additional losses. Virginia laws with regard to auto accidents are quite strict, which can make it hard to recover compensation. If you are in distress and don’t understand how to deal with the consequences of the mishap, your best bet is an attorney specializing in personal injury laws. Reputed names like Correll Law Firm deal with such lawsuits on a regular basis, and in this post, we share five solid reasons to get an attorney.

  • They can dive deeper: One of the critical steps in getting financial compensation is establishing that the other party was liable for the accident, for which you need evidence. Investigating a crash is considerably challenging, but because lawyers already have resources and contacts, they can get information that can help your claim.
  • They are great at talking about money: The insurance carrier is unlikely to listen to your side of the story and will do everything to reduce what they pay for the claim. If you don’t have an attorney, you may not know how to negotiate or get a higher settlement. For injury lawyers, this is a regular task.
  • They can fight in court: If you choose a car accident lawyer with courtroom experience, you don’t have to bother about going to litigation. When there is no scope to get a better amount from the insurance adjuster, your attorney will take the matter to trial and fight for you.
  • They will keep up with deadlines: Virginia, like all states, has set a deadline for car accident lawsuits. If you wish to sue the liable driver in court, you must take action within two years. The law is only for civil lawsuits and doesn’t apply to insurance claims.  
  • They can evaluate the damages: Victims often have no clue whether they are getting a fair offer from the other party or the insurance team. Hiring an attorney takes the guesswork out of the picture as they can check all details and evaluate the worth of your claim.

You don’t need to pay an upfront fee

Injury lawyers take auto accident claims without an upfront charge. You only have to pay them a share of the final amount after winning. It makes it easier to seek help when you need it the most, and because the first consultation is free, you can at least get an assessment.

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