How to Obtain and Renew Your Georgia Contractor License

by James William
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Obtaining and renewing a Georgia contractor license allows you to work as a contractor in the state legally. This article will provide the requirements and steps to get both an initial license as well as renew an existing one. We will cover determining your license classification, meeting all prerequisites, applying for and receiving the license, and ultimately renewing it before expiration. Following the process correctly is important for your work and business.

Why You Need a Georgia Contractor License?

To legally work as a contractor in Georgia, you must obtain the proper license from the state. Licenses are required for all contractors, from general contractors to specialty trades like electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and more. Obtaining a Georgia contractor license involves taking the required exams and completing an application.

Steps for Obtaining Your License

1. Determine the Type of the License

Determining which license you need based on your trade or scope of work. RocketCert provides exam prep and continuing education for numerous Georgia license types, including General Contractor, Residential, Residential/Light Commercial, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Low Voltage, and more. Review the available options to select the license that fits your needs.

2. Pss the Required Exam

Most licenses require passing a trade-specific exam that covers your field’s building codes, standards, and regulations. General, Residential, and Residential/Light Commercial contractors must also take the Business and Law exam. RocketCert offers extensive online exam prep courses to help you pass the first attempt. Courses are accessible on any device, allowing you to study on your schedule. Their prep features include practice exams, flashcards, and detailed video lessons.

3. Books and References Materials

In addition to exam prep, RocketCert provides all required references and code books along with custom tabbing for fast lookups during the test. Their Prep, Books, and Tabs bundles have everything needed in one complete package. For a limited time, RocketCert offers discounts on bundles of 13% or more when using promo code “Boo13.”

4. Application and Getting Your License

Once you pass the required exams, you submit your application with supporting documentation to the Georgia State Licensing Board for Professions and Occupations (SPLPO). RocketCert provides contact details for both the SPLPO and exam administrator PSI to assist with any portion of the application process. With RocketCert’s comprehensive exam prep options, obtaining your initial Georgia contractor’s license is simple and efficient.

Renewing Your Georgia Contractors License

Every two years, licensees must renew their license by completing continuing education requirements. The number of hours and topics needed varies by license type. RocketCert makes staying compliant easy by offering online continuing education courses.

Renewing licenses like Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC requires completing 8 hours of approved classes over two years, with 4 hours annually. Their convenient online option allows you to complete the full renewal requirement from any location on your schedule.

Residential license holders need 3 total hours for renewal, with 1.5 hours available online in self-paced format and the remaining 1.5 hours live via webinar. The Residential/Light Commercial license requires 6 hours – 3 available online and 3 through webinar.

RocketCert’s continuing education courses cover the necessary codes, standards, and regulations to renew on time. Prices are affordable, starting at only $39 for 4 hours of online classes. They also offer renewal bundles that include online and live webinar credits for one low price.

By utilizing RocketCert’s extensive library of exam prep courses and continuing education options, keeping your Georgia contractor’s license active has never been simpler or more affordable. Their industry-leading education ensures you know how to maintain your license and advance your career for many years.

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