Misty Adam, A Meth Addict, Was Not Just Featured In Adam Bieber’s Mugshots

by James William
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When a sheriff in Wisconsin posted Misty Loman’s mugshots online, he had good intentions. He wanted to warn people of the dangers of meth. However, he failed to mention that she had bone cancer and lupus, which contributed to her change in appearance. She also suffered from scleroderma, which caused her skin to harden and tighten. Despite her struggles, she managed to overcome them and start a new life.

What Happened To Misty Loman?

After Adam Bieber, a sheriff from Wisconsin, posted a series of mugshots of Misty Loman on the internet, many people became concerned about her life. The pictures showed a meth addict who had lost her hair and looked like a skeleton. The sheriff intended to use the images to discourage drug use, but he omitted to mention that her unusual appearance was due to more than just drugs. Loman has a severe drug addiction and has suffered from several other illnesses, including bone cancer, lupus, and scleroderma. The scleroderma caused her to lose weight and made her skin tighten. She has also undergone chemotherapy to treat her cancer, which contributed to her loss of hair and change in skin tone. Her rock bottom mental and physical state was a result of her ongoing health issues and her trauma from losing three children in infancy.

She was able to recover from her drug abuse thanks to the help of her older sons, Corey and Jacob. She has since undergone long-term treatment at a rehab facility. Her recovery is an inspiring story, and she hopes to inspire others to stay strong during hard times. While many people have criticized her, she has also received a lot of support. She has been able to recover and is now living a sober life with her husband. She is happy to be sober and says that she has a new purpose in life. She has a great message to share, and her story is sure to touch the hearts of many people around the world.

She has been able to rebuild her life and is now a successful model, speaker, and advocate for mental health and substance abuse awareness. She is a true inspiration and has been able to overcome her struggles through faith and the power of prayer. She has a strong message to convey to the world, and she hopes that it will help others to stay sober and to never give up. Misty is a beautiful example of how strong the human spirit can be, and she has proven that anyone can recover from drug addiction.

Misty Loman’s Mugshots

When sheriff Adam Bieber of Wisconsin shared the pictures of Misty Loman, he intended them to serve as a warning to young people about the dangers of drug abuse. However, Misty Loman was not just addicted to meth; she also suffered from several other medical conditions including bone cancer, scleroderma, and lupus. This is why her face was so distorted, and she looked so ill in the mugshots. Unfortunately, when the pictures went viral, many people were quick to assume that her unusual appearance was due to drugs. As a result, they ridiculed her and pointed fingers at her for ruining her life. This must have been hard for her, as she was trying to raise two children at the time.

Fortunately, someone was able to step in and change her mind before her addiction got out of control. Her family and kids begged her to get help, and she agreed. The judge on her case also agreed to long-term treatment for her situation, and this became her motivation. As a result, she started taking medication and was able to start living a healthier lifestyle. Misty Loman is now a year and a half sober. She has mended her relationships with her family and is thriving in sobriety. In addition, she has regained her beauty and is healthy and happy. Despite her struggles, she continues to fight for her life and has not given up hope.

In her own words, she has learned a lot from her experience and hopes that others will follow her example. She believes that the best way to overcome addiction is to seek treatment. She is living proof that this works. Her story is a true testament to the power of recovery and faith. The internet can be a dangerous place, but it can also do wonders. Misty Loman’s mugshots are just one of the many miracles that the internet has created. Her photos show how drug addiction can transform a person’s face and body. These mugshots are truly shocking and should be a lesson to everyone who is thinking that one puff or snort of drugs will not harm them.

Misty Loman’s Drug Addiction

Misty Loman is currently on a road to recovery. Despite the fact that she lost her family and was arrested numerous times, she is doing well now and lives with her dog. Her new life has been a struggle, but she is committed to her health and continues to work hard. Her story is inspiring to many people and demonstrates that anyone can overcome drug addiction with the help of a support system. Misty was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky and is the mother of two sons. She is also a talented artist and paints for a living. She was a victim of drug abuse for years and was arrested several times. She also suffered from autoimmune diseases, such as Lupus and Scleroderma. These conditions caused her to lose her hair and distorted her appearance. She was in a dark place when she made the mistake of posting her mug shots online, but she has since turned around her life.

After the mugshots went viral, many people defended her, and a Go-fund-me campaign was started for her. Many of her supporters claim that she had been suffering from a number of health issues, including bone cancer and scleroderma. Scleroderma causes the skin to harden, and it is likely what changed her appearance so dramatically. She also had to undergo chemotherapy for her bone cancer, which caused her to lose a lot of her hair. As time passed, Misty Loman’s family and friends urged her to seek treatment. She was in a desperate state, and she did not want to live anymore. She was arrested several times, and her mugshots became increasingly disturbing. Then, she was hospitalized for long-term treatment, and her life changed.

After her release, she moved to a tiny home in Bowling Green with her dog. She has been focusing on her health and has begun to feel stronger. She still struggles with her past traumas, but she is trying to recover and stay focused on her goals. Misty is a role model for other recovering addicts and wants to help others find their own light.

Misty Loman’s Recovery

Misty Loman is an American woman who became famous for her mugshots. She was a meth addict and went in and out of jail fifteen times. She is now in recovery and living a new life. She is grateful for all the support she has received, especially from people on Facebook. She continues to work on her sobriety and is a strong example for other addicts. When she was arrested, she had two children and a husband. Her two sons, Corey and Jacob, are now teenagers. When she was first arrested, her children were not well. One of them died in the womb, and the other passed away shortly after birth. The tragedy left her feeling numb and lost, and she resorted to drugs for comfort.

She was arrested several times for drug-related crimes and had a difficult time dealing with her addiction. The sheriff who published her mugshots didn’t mention the extent of her health issues, and most people assumed that she was using drugs. She was suffering from Lupus, bone cancer, and scleroderma (hardening of the skin), all of which made her face look pale and skeletal. Her sister Treasa Dunning created a GoFundMe to help her with her medical bills. The funds helped her buy wigs, medication, and other necessities. Her daughter also contributed to the fundraiser, which was very helpful. The money helped her get back on her feet and start a new chapter in her life.


After all the negativity, Misty Loman decided to seek recovery and change her ways. She began to pray daily and started to set goals for herself. She is a strong advocate for sobriety and encourages others to reach out if they need help. Misty is a living proof that miracles do exist. She has overcome her addiction with the help of her family and friends. She has now been free from drugs for 3 years and is enjoying her sobriety. She has now begun a new chapter in her life and is working on her health. She hopes to inspire people to seek help and live a happy and fulfilling life.

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