What Is An Automotive Vehicle?

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A car is a motor vehicle with wheels. It is primarily used to transport people on the road. The car usually has four wheels and is able to seat one to eight people. However, in some cases, there are different definitions for a car. For instance, a car may be a large vehicle that has two or more engines, and in some cases, it may be a smaller vehicle that can only fit two people.

Wide-spanning airbags

Wide-spanning airbags are part of an integrated automotive safety system. During a frontal collision, airbags deploy at a high force level to cushion occupants and prevent serious injury. Some automakers also provide rear seat-mounted airbags for added protection.

Airbags have been subject to federal regulation for twenty years. As a result of new requirements, some automakers now offer advanced features like head-curtain airbags, side-door airbags, and knee-bolster airbags.

In an effort to better understand the safety function of airbags, researchers from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tested various designs and technologies. They controlled for several factors, including vehicle age, design, and make. They did not perform case studies of individual crashes.

Homogeneous charge compression ignition

Homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) is a combustion process in which the fuel/air mixture is compressed until it self-ignites. It offers a number of benefits compared to spark-ignition engines, including lower emissions and improved efficiency. However, there are several challenges associated with HCCI.

One of the main challenges with HCCI is the control of ignition timing. Unlike a spark-ignition engine, the auto-ignition event of HCCI is highly sensitive to the temperature of the gas inside the engine.

Limited number of units

The auto industry’s latest quarterly data point suggests that inventories are not in for a long slumber. With the exception of the big three, inventories are in the neighborhood of about 2.1 million units, down slightly from 2.3 million units as of September 2006. The best news is that manufacturers are well on their way to achieving full production status in the second half of this year. While the numbers may be down, a well-oiled supply chain and a bit of industry knowledge can go a long way in recouping lost time.

Subsidized leases

Automaker-subsidized leases are a type of promotional offer, which can lower the cost of leasing a vehicle. This is achieved through a reduction in the price of the car, as well as a decrease in the monthly payments.

This type of offer is typically provided by the finance arm of an automaker. Although there are other types of subsidized leases, this is the most common.

A subvented lease can be a great deal. Often advertised with a large down payment, it may include an upfront rebate that can be used to reduce the car carrying costs.

Dash top sensor

If you’re looking for an in car navigation system that’s easy on your wallet, you’ll be interested in the Dash line from Mapbox. This turn key solution offers an extensive set of features, from voice commands to smart defaults, along with a high degree of customizability.

Mapbox uses a live data platform to incorporate sensor readings from over 600 million monthly active devices. This data allows it to provide real-time updates that are personalized to your driving habits. It’s also capable of delivering the most pertinent information in the form of maps, live traffic updates and other relevant data points.

Hub-mounting surface and centerline of wheel

A hub-mounting surface and centerline of wheel in automotive is an important part of the overall look and performance of the vehicle. A wrong installation can result in the inner edge of the wheel rubbing against the suspension and chassis. This can cause the wheel to stick out too far or sit too deep in the wheel well. The result is a loss of safety and stability, a lowered ride quality and potential damage to the car.

Vehicle warranty

A car warranty is a service contract that covers certain defects that may arise. It can also cover repairs and costs associated with a vehicle’s parts. Typically, a car warranty is issued by the manufacturer. However, some car warranties are issued by third parties.

Some of the more common warranties include bumper-to-bumper coverage, a corrosion warranty, and a powertrain warranty. It is important to look at the details of each to make sure they are a fit for you.

Cap cost

When you lease a car, you may be asked to make a down payment or take advantage of a cap cost reduction. This is an amount over and above your first monthly payment that you pay to the leasing company. Usually, you will also be charged sales tax and a disposition fee.

If you plan to use a down payment on your car, make sure you know how you will be compensated for it. Typically, the amount of the down payment is lowered by your trade-in value. You can also sell your current car and use the money to help you make your lease payments.

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