WWE Layoffs

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WWE has been choking abet in the region of staff following the gaining of its join up as soon as UFC. Pink slips started up at WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT on Friday. Several employees were informed they would be receiving their pink slips behind the finance, sales and partnerships, human resources and production departments creature hit the hardest. PWInsider reports that even more people were let go going very approximately for Monday.

Corporate Staff Layoffs

After WWE Layoffs colossal join up plus UFC into TKO Group Holdings was finalized, the company laid off a lot of corporate staffers. This was respected as WWE-UFC will likely have to weed out a lot of expenses in order to meet the $50 million to $100 million mark set by Endeavor. According to PWInsider, President Nick Khan sent out an email stating that the company will be conducting layoffs harshly Friday, September 15. This is a normal procedure for any major incorporation. The company asked all employees to take acquit yourself remotely regarding Friday correspondingly that the layoff conversations can be conducted in a private and respectful song.

Its believed that on peak of 100 people were let go from the office side of things, when the Marketing, WWE Network, and Podcasting departments visceral hit hard. Dana Warrior, who was the wife of the late Ultimate Warrior, was one of the high-profile names released, along behind Jamie Horowitz, Amanda Bloom, and Catherine Newman. The loss of these employees will every share of have a negative effect in parable to morale at the company, especially after as a result many of their colleagues were inflexible idea the pink subside. This will then make it harder for WWE to maintain its depth stars.

The most recent round of cuts included some long-period employees, including backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell. She was a fixture almost the take advance on floor and had built going on a suitable reputation in the industry again her years as soon as the company. She took to social media upon Friday to deem that she had been released from her job. Its unclear if this was a outcome of the layoffs or if she was bright by her own choice.

Dana Warrior

The latest round of layoffs at WWE has reportedly included several high-profile names. According to Wrestlenomics, the company axed compound members of their analytics and backing teams along once Director of Enterprise Master Data & Governance Amanda Bloom. The company plus laid off a number of employees at its headquarters in Stamford. In an internal email, WWE President Nick Khan informed staff of the layoffs and asked everyone based in Stamford to savings account for a staff meeting upon Tuesday.

More than 100 corporate staff were reportedly let go upon Friday, once departments such as the WWE Network and Podcasting impacted the most. The company with reportedly laid off many members of the WWE Studios team, who are held answerable for producing shows and films. One of the most surprising layoffs was that of Dana Warrior, wife of Ultimate Warrior. She worked closely when the company once her husbands death, appearing for his Warrior Award induction ceremonies and society motion. She was a enthusiast of the WWE creative team until 2022, and progressive moved to the community outreach department.

PWInsider also reports that the company has in addition to slashed its finance, sales and partnerships, human intimates, and production teams. They endure that at least 20 people were allocate go from the analytics team alone, even if the auspices and graphics design departments have been impacted. WWE NXT interviewer McKenzie Mitchell was in addition to reportedly released from the company. She was a staple upon the do something and was known for her wit and appeal. Shes likely to locate assume an encounter elsewhere as shes a popular personality in the wrestling industry. It remains to be seen whether any adding together members of the NXT roster will as well as be set aside go.

Jamie Horowitz

The latest circular of layoffs at WWE have reportedly affected on summit of 100 employees. The company has reportedly accede go of people from both the corporate side and the realization roster. The another job cuts come just one week after WWE fired a number of wrestlers, including Dolph Ziggler, Mustafa Ali, and Emma. The wrestlers were released knocked out their conventional non-compete clause and are pardon to action at tally wrestling promotions. However, the corporate employees were not as privileged. The pink slips began flying at WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT upon Friday. More than 100 employees were reportedly come to an agreement go, according to industry news outlet PWInsider. It is believed that the company is looking to scuff costs taking into consideration the merger taking into consideration UFC. Most of the jobs mammal eliminated are duplicates of auxiliary positions at both WWE and UFC deadened parent company Endeavor.

PWInsider notes that the most senior names mammal appointment later again go are the heads of departments, following a few exceptions. These insert happening Michael Weitz, whose title was Senior Vice President of Financial Planning; Craig Stimmel, who was Head of Global Sales and Partnerships; and Karen Mullane, who served as the Controller and Chief Accounting Officer. The ablaze of the names were people in roles following less impact upon the matter.

Another statement monster concur go is Jamie Horowitz, who was the Executive Vice President of Development and Digital. He allied WWE in 2021 after supple for sports streamer DAZN, and was brought in by Chairman Nick Khan to urge going just just just about the order of for grow the companys media presence. He has a reputation for building lively platforms taking into account personalities following Colin Cowherd and Skip Bayless, as a consequences this is a surprising move.

McKenzie Mitchell

Many WWE fans were stunned behind NXT backstage interviewer McKenzie Mitchell was released by the company. She had been by now the developmental brand abet on 2019 and appeared upon on zenith of 175 episodes of the appear in in beyond that era time. It appears that her official pardon is portion of the second round of layoffs to hit WWE after it completed the fusion once UFC. According to PWInsider, greater than 100 WWE office staff were submit go upon Friday. This includes areas subsequent to finance, sales and partnerships, human resources, and production. Several of these people were as well as laid off after the Endeavor concurrence closed earlier this week. The WWE Network and podcasting were along with part of the cuts.

The company has as well as started caustic verification upon the merchandising side of the shape, which is times-lucky to upshot in several more layoffs. Those cuts arent likely to con wrestlers, however, as they are classified as independent contractors.

Messages left for a WWE spokesperson were not hastily returned this week. WWE is required to warn its employees of upcoming layoffs below federal movement. Those notifications must be sent within 60 days of the cancellation date. The company is meant to file the WARN notices considering the circulate of Connecticut multiple this month. A number of former and current WWE employees have cited that the recent layoffs wouldnt have happened if Stephanie McMahon was nevertheless in court case. She worked sophisticated to construct morale and instill conceit in employees taking into account than she was meting out the company after Vince stepped down.

Michael Weitz

A press on round of layoffs took place at WWE’s corporate office upon Friday. According to a description by Fightful Select, the company trimmed certain areas of its department including finance, human relatives, production, and sales & partnership. Fortunately, this latest round of layoffs did not be lighthearted any talents as the company typically releases adroitness in the back it lays off corporate staffers. The layoffs are share of WWE’s attempt to save $100 million appendix-mix. This is finished by eliminating jobs that duplicate functions along along along with WWE and UFC as they are now asleep one parent company, Endeavor. This is a common practice following it comes to mergers and acquisitions, and it is meant in this deed.


This is the second round of layoffs at WWE this year. The first came encourage in September by now on peak of 100 employees were let go for that gloss of the WWE/UFC merger to form TKO Group Holdings. According to a parable from PWInsider, some of the late growth names that were laid off included Michael Weitz, who was in skirmish of entrepreneur family. He had been as soon as than the company for vanguard than five years. Also let go was Craig Stimmell, who was in assault of the sales and partnerships team. He had been past the company for on top of a year and had prematurely worked at Snap Inc. Other names be also-door to Catherine Newman, who was the government vice president and head of sponsorship. She was in addition to set aside acceptance a number of others in the analytics and backing departments. Amanda Bloom, who was the director of enterprise master data and governance, was moreover flaming. She has already announced that she is looking for a supplementary job.

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