What to Expect When Middle-Aged Couples Get a Divorce in Andover

by James William
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In Andover, a lot of middle-aged couples are getting a divorce. Each couple of unique and has their own reasons for ending their marriage. These reasons can include infidelity, constant arguing, poor communication, financial issues, unrealistic expectations, abuse, differences in opinions, and others. 

The increasing number of divorces among middle-aged couples may be due to their kids already old enough to be independent. Some of these couples get a divorce after spending more than ten years together and realizing they want different things now. Sometimes, divorce can be decided due to career changes. No matter the reason you and your spouse want to get a divorce, you need a skilled Andover divorce attorney to help you handle the legal aspect of this process. 

Dividing Assets and Debts in Middle-Aged Divorce

Middle-aged divorces may include division of assets and debts, which can be hard to sort out. Things become even more complicated when a couple owns a business or if a spouse has contributed to the career of the other spouse. A spouse who has been a homemaker for at least a decade can have difficulty getting a job. In addition, middle-aged couples may need to address assets such as marital house, rental property, vacation home, vehicles, retirement accounts, business property, investment accounts, furniture, and others. These factors must be considered when approaching divorce in middle age. The online assets that are not subject to equitable distribution are those acquired before the marriage.

The Involvement of Older Kids

Middle-aged couples may have older kids who may be teenagers or college students. If a couple has kids under the age of 18 and are attending college, child support must be addressed. If these kids are living in the family home, custody should also be handled. But things can be quite complicated if a couple has older kids with very strong opinions regarding which parent to live with. Indeed, the preference of these children may affect the custody decisions of a family court. 

Middle-aged couples who want to get a divorce can take steps to make the process a lot easier. If they already know what they want and the reason they are ending their marriage, they should take advantage of this. Also, they must clearly communicate and negotiate with their spouse. If possible, it is best to approach a divorce in a way that is not argumentative, so a couple can avoid a courtroom. Going through arbitration or mediation may be less stressful and more affordable. 

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