New Movies Hitting Theaters Soon

by James William
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From a heist movie that stars Toni Collette to a Godzilla sequel, check out some of the new movies hitting theaters soon. Ridley Scott directs Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Bonaparte in this war-based drama. The film centers on his volatile relationship with Josephine. Timothee Chalamet plays Willy Wonka in this prequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The cast also includes Olivia Colman and Keegan-Michael Key.

She Said

She Said may feel too familiar, but it’s still a necessary film that reveals how the culture of sexual harassment operates, and how many women are afraid to speak up. Director Maria Schrader and writer Rebecca Lenkiewicz make a point not to sensationalize the material, and Mulligan and Kazan deliver solid performances. The หนังใหม่ชนโรง is at its best when examining Twohey and Kantor’s personal lives, as they juggle family duties with their quest for journalistic truth. It’s when the camera zooms in on their front porches and dining room tables, and when they sit down with ruined victims of Harvey Weinstein, that She Said proves it’s more than just another feisty journalism movie.

She Said is a riveting cinematic pursuit for journalistic truth that makes you feel every gut punch. It doesn’t claim that wrongs have been righted once and for all, but rather pays tribute to two women who stood up to a Goliath and took him down with a million tiny cuts.

The Creator

A sci-fi action movie set in 2023, The Creator is the vision of director and co-writer Gareth Edwards, who stepped away from Star Wars and Godzilla franchise movies to deliver something distinctly his own. A tense, action-packed adventure, it finds humanity at war with artificial intelligence and features a strong performance from John David Washington. Edwards and co-writer Chris Weitz give the machine-versus-human concept more than lip service, crafting a thoughtful, thought-provoking drama and an immersive experience that should be seen on the biggest screen possible. The story plays into a few too many sci-fi cliches, but that doesn’t detract from the overall impact of this movie.

There’s some pretty brutal violence here, and the machines are presented as very human (they even practice religion and can raise a family). In addition, there’s talk of God and Heaven, though no mention is made of Jesus. And, the f-word and 35 s-words make an appearance. Those are all reasons for adults to consider carefully whether this movie is appropriate for children.

The Lion King: Return Of The King

Disney’s 1994 original holds up exceedingly well and this reimagining does an OK job bringing it to life for a new generation while leaning into its core themes. But what this version truly has going for it is its groundbreaking visuals. Director Jon Favreau pushes the limits of photorealistic computer animation. It’s beautiful to behold — giraffes stretch their spindly necks; herds of zebras dash by in a stripy blur.

The voice cast is top notch too — with James Earl Jones returning as Mufasa, Donald Glover as Simba, Beyonce Knowles-Carter as Nala, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar and Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner as the comic relief warthog/meerkat duo of Pumbaa and Timon. But the closer The Lion King gets to nature in its look, the less emotional impact it has. Real lions don’t sing, for one thing. And they don’t hold up a cub and proclaim themselves their scepter of royalty with such authoritarian fervor.

Ice Age: Collision Course

In an animated world of over a dozen franchise sequels, Ice Age barely makes it to double digits with this fifth and final entry. Toddlers will be amused, but adults are better off rooting for the series to end with this rehash of its dreary origin story. The movie has nice animation and a few laughs, but the writing is cliche and repetitive. The main conflict echoes all the other movies with Manny’s doubts about his daughter Peaches getting married to the eager-to-please Julian. Simon Pegg’s Buck returns as the sabre-toothed hero and is a lot more fun than Manny or Sid. But the story sidetracks a lot with an assortment of new characters from dino-birds to a spiritual spitting llama.


With the WGA and actors strikes resolved, a wider range of movies hits theaters. The Favourite director delivers a dark, feminist Frankenstein tale; PJ and Josie start a bisexual bodybuilding club ostensibly for female solidarity; and a war-based drama explores the ever-growing topic of AI.

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