Savings And Luxury Combined: Vegas VIP

by James William
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Services Protect Your Wallet While Enhancing Your Vacation Experience

Imagine having your own VIP table for the night at the hottest club on the Vegas strip. No more getting bumped around on the dance floor or spending all night in line at the bar. Sin City VIP is a professional party planning service that has been in business since 2002. Let us help you plan the ultimate Vegas party experience!

Enhance Your Nightlife And Dayclub Experience

Whether you are looking to party VIP at one of the city’s elite nightclubs or experience the ultimate Las Vegas dayclub experience, Red Carpet VIP has you covered. A VIP host will contact you prior to your evening and walk you right in, bypassing the general admission lines that can often run 2-3 hours for non-connected party guests. You will be given a reserved table for bottle Vegas Vip services, desired mixers, and a server to keep your drinks flowing and your table stocked with ice and water. You also receive expedited entry to the club, allowing you to get in and start partying much faster than anyone else at the club that night.

Manny Kess and his team of VIP hosts have worked with superstars like Super Bowl MVP Von Miller, R&B star Usher, celebrity heiresses and billionaire hedge fund managers to ensure they are well taken care of while in Vegas. This is what sets Vegas VIP apart from the rest.

Private VIP Tables

Imagine walking into a packed club and skipping all lines to dance the night away at your own private table with the best view in the house. With VIP tables you get your own area with seating and a beautiful cocktail server. Guests will enjoy a selection of complimentary mixers including sodas and juices. They can also ask their cocktail server to craft their drinks tableside. This makes your VIP experience even more unique!

When guests book a table they commit to a minimum spending for bottles and drinks that will be pre-agreed with the club prior to entry. This varies from club to club and can depend on group size and ratio of guys to girls. Give your VIP guests the attention they deserve by greeting them at the door, escorting them to their table and offering personal top-purchased liquors. Build a strong relationship with your guests and keep them coming back to your venue!

Complimentary Mixers

A dedicated VIP host will take care of everything, guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable experience. Your host will escort you past the nightclub line, set up your table and answer any questions or concerns that may arise throughout the night. Whether you’re celebrating a bachelor party, bachelorette party, divorce party, birthday party or any other event, Vegas Vip is here to ensure your time in Las Vegas is the best it can be. Our local expertise can save you a lot of money on drinks, cover charges and other amenities.

Bottle service includes reserved seating at a private VIP table, your choice of beverages and mixers, a personal VIP host and server, and VIP skip-the-line entry into the venue. It can be an extremely fun and memorable way to experience the best nightclubs and dayclubs in Sin City. It’s an investment in an incredible night and memories you will have forever. Book your VIP experience today!

Dedicated VIP Host

Whether you are planning a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, or simply looking to enjoy VIP Bottle Service at one of Vegas’ best nightclubs, Red Carpet VIP will take care of everything. Your dedicated host will be there to answer your questions, give you a bottle service quote and help to ensure your time in Las Vegas is as memorable as possible. Local expertise can save groups a great deal of money, especially during busy weekends like Memorial Day weekend. Kess’ firm is able to book hotel rooms at a discount and provide a variety of VIP packages for the most popular clubs and biggest special events.

Final Word

The firm also provides a number of different VIP experiences, such as “hosted entry,” which skips the long nightclub line and gets you in to see the headline artist without waiting around for 2-3 hours. They can also set up VIP tables at top tier restaurants and score reservations for sold out shows.

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