Top 5 Korean Series To Watch

by James William
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Watching Korean series can be an exciting way to boost your language skills. But which one to pick? Here are a few suggestions. With a free trial, Amazon Prime offers access to some Korean content. However, its list combines movies and TV and may not be easy to navigate.

1. The Heirs

If you are looking for a soapy drama that tugs at the heartstrings and gives you happy endings then look no further than Heirs. It is the Korean cousin to Gossip Girl. The story is about rich kids and poor kids that fall in love. Lee Min Ho plays Kim Tan, heir to a family business conglomerate who meets Cha Eun Sang, the poor daughter of a deaf and mute maid while in California and they later meet again at an exclusive high school for Korea’s uber rich.

They are from completely different social backgrounds and at first, it seems like they will never get along. To make matters worse, Kim Tan’s former best friend turned rival Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) starts picking on Eun Sang to irritate Kim Tan.

2. The King Of Mask Singer

In a ดูซีรี่ย์เกาหลี based on the Korean singing competition King of Mask Singer, celebrities wearing elaborate costumes compete head-to-head in a music battle. Only one competitor is eliminated each week and unmasked, and small hints are given for viewers to guess who they think is the winner. It’s a show that has garnered massive popularity among its viewers, including BTS’s Jungkook and Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds.

In the current season, the masked performers include Dabotap, Cheomseongdae, Mishil, Gungye, Upa Lupa, Big Chestnut Bread, and Autumn Girl. Their intense match of vocal prowess aims to knock off Emerald of May from the throne. Whether it’s this epic rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody by Gingko Tree or the emotional performance of Water Clock, every episode of The King of Mask Singer is worth a watch (and re-watch).

3. The Legend Of The Blue Sea

A man and mermaid fell in love during the Joseon era, but their fate was tragic. Hundreds of years later their reincarnated souls are reunited, but life in modern day Seoul is no picnic with threats from the past still lurking. Inspired by a true story, The Legend of the Blue Sea is an epic tale of reincarnation with lots of comedy and romance. It’s my favorite drama so far this year.

Heo Joon Jae (Dam Ryung from the past timeline) is a wealthy con man with a traumatic family history (his mother left him, his father abandoned him and he was bullied by his stepbrother). The first episode set the tone for the series with great acting, a lot of comedy and stunning scenery from the scenes filmed in Spain.

4. My Love from Another Star

If you’re not living under a rock and are into Kdrama you’ve probably heard about the premise of this drama. Min Joon is an alien that landed on Earth during the Joseon Dynasty and missed his flight back to his planet. He has lived in modern day Korea for 400 years (he has created a new persona every ten) and is jaded and disillusioned with humanity.

When a high maintenance actress moves in next door to him he begins to fall for her and suspects she is the reincarnation of a maiden he lost 400 years ago. He tries to keep his distance but Song Yi is relentless in her pursuit of him. Kim Soo Hyun gives a mature performance that far exceeds his young years in this drama. Jun Ji Hyun is also excellent.

5. The Secret Life Of The Gynecologist

A modern-day goblin seeks a human bride to help him break his cursed immortality in this fantasy drama. Featuring a stellar cast and a great mix of comedy and melodrama, this series is definitely worth a watch. This satire of Korean society’s obsession with getting their kids into the top universities is funny, heartwarming and well-written. It’s also one of the highest rated dramas in Korean television history.

This show revolves around a ruthless property dealer and her rivals who battle for wealth, power and prestige at Seoul’s most coveted penthouse apartment. It’s a must-watch for anyone who loves scheming and revenge dramas. It also has some very sexy scenes. And who doesn’t love a bit of sexiness?


Whether you’re into sci-fi dystopias or romances, there are plenty of K-dramas to choose from. From a lawyer who gets involved in mob activities to a woman who can move souls between bodies, there’s something for every taste.

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